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May 20th 2013

Time for some Deadbangers news!

First of all we are happy that BONE will release the “Speed of Death” Mini-album on CD/MC via Infernö Records (France). Total support!
Deadbangers will of course have both versions in stock.
The vinyl version is still planed to be released on Deadbangers in the future.

For now we have a couple of MC releases in the works.

First we are proud to announce the next release:

Strange Facts in the Scalpel Case – Dead But Not Beyond Reach – MC (db15)

Strange Facts in the Scalpel Case hails from Belgium and delivers uncompromising dark atmospheric occult/horror-themed death metal!
Band description in their own words:

"This necro-ensemble started out as a side-project, but quickly became the main focus of it's core of two foul coffin-lootingbastards. STRANGE FACTS IN THE SCALPEL CASE is based in the cryptic caverns of the earth. Drawing inspiration from those on whom the worms feed, we emerge grimed with the mold of interment. Conjure the mighty dead with us! Join us!"

This cassette will be a compilation with their debut EP “Unearthed” and latest promo EP “Monolith” + two bonus live-versions of tracks from the upcoming full-length.

Next MC release will be announced within a few weeks

The brand new web-shop is almost done, only a few adjustments left before it is ready to launch. If you want to help with a few tests, get in touch, we offer a 10% discount to the first order outside Denmark. Email for details.

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June 30th 2012

Finally new releases ! Three tapes out now:

db11 - Forced Kill "Armed to the Death" - MC
Forced Kill hails from Finland and they play fast and furious thrash!
"Armed to the Death" contains their first two demos:
"Speeding Death Velocity" (2009) and "Invasion of Steel" (2011), nearly 40 minutes of music.

db12 - Battery "Mental Pollution" - MC
Battery are a well know name in the Deadbangers camp,
their 2011 demo "NUKE" recieved possitive feedback from around the world and now they're back with four brand new tracks of violent old-school thrash.

db13 - Death Rides A Horse "Tree of Woe" - MC.
Deadbangers never had any limits regarding genres, as long as it's good music.
And DRaH makes damn good music! After the re-release of "Pantokrator" earlier this year, DRaH now returns with new material. Only 3 tracks, but more than 20 minutes of highly original 70s inspired oldschool HM with female vocals (the good way!).

Also make sure to check out the webshop for tons of new additions - act fast, as most titles are in very limited stock.
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June 30th 2012

The contents of the shop ARE now up-to-date again. Buy before you die!

June 24th 2012

The contents of the shop are NOT up-to-date. It will be fixed as soon as possible!

June 10th 2012

Death Rides a Horse MC + more

A litle late with the update here, but on May 22nd the MC version of
Death Rides a Horse - Pantokrator were released. No less than 4 bonus tracks
are added to this masterpiece, whitch is limited to only 120 copies
so act fast!

Next up are the Battery and Forced Kill MC releases.

Also remember to support the Metal Magic Festival this year
more info in the links section

Feb.29th 2012

Deadbangers Zine # 5 are finally done!

44 A5 pages of the usual old school metal journalism.

Prophecy / Prophets of Doom
Church Bizarre
Sinister Creation
Heavy Chainzz
Empire Drowns
Heavy Days in Doom Town Festival
+ reviews.
Price 4 � (excl. postage)

Wholesale / trades are welcome.

Jan.11th 2012

Welcome to the new Deadbangers site!
New shop is under construction, until then order by email as usual.